Hotfix Posted for VS 2010 RC Crashing Issue

Brian in Cider, News | 0 Comments February 15, 2010

The VS 2010 RC has a serious bug that causes crashes when editing text.  The VS team has released a patch for it here:  Karl's also posted this on The Cider Blog.

Some Silverlight 4 Beta Links

Brian in News | 0 Comments November 18, 2009

There's a lot of cool stuff coming in Silverlight 4. Here's a couple of interesting links to get you started:

And of course, if you're brave enough to be running VS 2010 Beta2, you can download the Silverlight 4 Tools Update that gives you full VS 2010 / Cider support.

Live Video Streaming of PDC 2009

Brian in News | 0 Comments November 18, 2009

Probably old news by now, but live streaming of PDC 09 is available here. The video is Silverlight based, and it's awesome to see how well Silverlight is handling it. You can rewind the stream almost instantly and when you zoom it to full screen it will adaptively update. On my 1900x1200 monitor at work I'd say its DVD quality or better.

If you're itching to see Cider in VS 2010, scan back to 1:30 in the video. 

Welcome to Pocket Silicon

Brian in News | 0 Comments November 17, 2009

Ok, I've finally done it. I've split off personal from professional. Pocket Silicon is a blog about stuff you put in your pocket, stuff you code, and meta stuff related to that stuff. You can subscribe to Pocket Silicon without fear that all the posts will be about my three year old, while folks who still subscribe to Urban Potato won't be confused with all the technobabble and TLAs.

Pocket Silicon is run on the excellent BlogEngine.NET, originally written by Mads Kristensen and now maintained a horde of talented developers. It's flexible and simple enough that I could easily make it do what I want. And, it's possible to run the site on XML files instead of a database. It performs worse, and maybe someday I'll want to move, but for now I love the freedom of just passing text files around instead of dealing with SQL. BlogEngine.NET is about what my former blog engine -- LiveCast, written by yours truly -- wasn't: simple. I intend to try to keep things that way.

I worked for a bit on the theme of this site, but I'm not super jazzed about it. It's not personally "me" and it's too colorful for my taste. I will be updating it with a custom theme I plan to design, but for now it works great and allows me to get the site up quickly. The site also supports mobile phones and the iPhone, but the iPhone support is pretty budget right now. That's also something I hope to improve on.

New Developer Community Site for .NET 3.0

Brian in News | 0 Comments June 12, 2006

Check out the new developer community site for .NET 3.0:

Harmless Havoc | Not those people again

The Yellowstone Extravaganza

Brian in Explore | 0 Comments July 5, 2014

For vacation this year, we rented a 25’ RV and drove to Yellowstone. More...

The Remodel

Brian in Life | 0 Comments May 14, 2013

One bathroom and a partially finished basement.  It was only a matter of time.  This year we decided it was time to do some remodeling on the house.  By "some remodeling" I mean a whole lot of remodeling.


Harmless Havoc Meets Azure

Brian in Geek | 0 Comments December 30, 2012

If you're reading this Harmless Havoc has successfully been transferred to Windows Azure.  I've been running my own blog and email servers since I've had a blog, and I have posts that date back to 1999.  That's a pretty impressive run given that my "servers" are just standard computers and my "internet backbone" is a DSL connection with a single static IP address.  You can do a lot with that.More...

Christmas 2012

Brian in Culture | 0 Comments December 25, 2012

Cole let us sleep in this year:  he got us out of bed at 6:30.  This is a vast improvement over years past.  Once year we were done opening presents before it was daylight.


Halloween 2012

Brian in Culture | 0 Comments October 31, 2012

Some random shots of Halloween this year.