Late Nights

Brian in Life | 0 Comments October 16, 2003

I always do this: I have grand expectations about how much work I can actually get done in any given amount of time. This week marks the end of one of our coding milestones at work, and once again I find myself a long way from the fnish line. I got in at 8:30 on Monday morning, and stayed until midnight Tuesday night. It's now Wednesday, at 2:00am, and here I am, plunking away. I hadn't intended to make this another all-nighter, but the 9:00 spec review may require it.

There are some funny things that fall out of your head when you're really tired. Sometimes the world sways a bit. Around four am on Tuesday morning I spent about 45 minutes trying to fix a bug only to realize that the bug wasn't there at all -- I was misreading the test baselines.


Media Room Remodel

Brian in Geek | 0 Comments October 12, 2003

Our media room has never worked for us. The layout stinks, the carpet is a bit sucky, and we chose what could be the worst color to paint a room with twelve foot ceilings: slate. A few months ago we finally broke down and hired an interior designer to sort it out. We spend a lot of time up there, so we might as well make it a place we can enjoy.

Well, after tons of planning and what seems like an endless stream of checks to the interior designer, construction has begun! In an effort to save some cizash I did a bunch of the demolition myself. It started out fun, but man, I'm not cut out to work construction. It's way too much work. Every joint in my body aches tonight, and I even got a cramp in my middle finger. I didn't even know you could get a cramp there.


The Internet is Not Your Friend

Brian in Rant | 2 Comments October 9, 2003

This article got me thinking more about internet security. The Internet is anchary. Today it is impossible to enforce any laws or behavioral rules. It is, truely, a complete uncensored reflection of human culture. And wow, we're a universally greedy bunch. Riding the internet wave looks like it's going to get increasingly rough, so, strap on your virtual condom.

Here are the ways I protect my computers. I've never had a virus, and I've never been hacked. And I don't spend a ton of money on extra hardware:


Theater Undoing

Brian in Geek | 2 Comments September 28, 2003
In preparation for our home theater remodel, I had to break down our existing theater. Man, that's a lot of work! I've included pictures below.


The Google Factor

Brian in Culture | 0 Comments September 23, 2003

It's a wonderful cultural experiment to dig through referral logs and see how peole arrive at your site. I've singled out Google seaches here, because a Google search referral contains the original search keywords the user typed in. I don't care where they came from, but it's definitely interesting to see what people type. My favorites to date now include "only thick ass south africa" and "Biggins Potato".

You can do your own eavesdropping in my referral logs below. Choose how you'd like the information sorted and press the Go! button.


Harmless Havoc | Not those people again

The Yellowstone Extravaganza

Brian in Explore | 0 Comments July 5, 2014

For vacation this year, we rented a 25’ RV and drove to Yellowstone. More...

The Remodel

Brian in Life | 0 Comments May 14, 2013

One bathroom and a partially finished basement.  It was only a matter of time.  This year we decided it was time to do some remodeling on the house.  By "some remodeling" I mean a whole lot of remodeling.


Harmless Havoc Meets Azure

Brian in Geek | 0 Comments December 30, 2012

If you're reading this Harmless Havoc has successfully been transferred to Windows Azure.  I've been running my own blog and email servers since I've had a blog, and I have posts that date back to 1999.  That's a pretty impressive run given that my "servers" are just standard computers and my "internet backbone" is a DSL connection with a single static IP address.  You can do a lot with that.More...

Christmas 2012

Brian in Culture | 0 Comments December 25, 2012

Cole let us sleep in this year:  he got us out of bed at 6:30.  This is a vast improvement over years past.  Once year we were done opening presents before it was daylight.


Halloween 2012

Brian in Culture | 0 Comments October 31, 2012

Some random shots of Halloween this year.