Sri Lanka

Brian in Explore | 0 Comments January 7, 2004
For Christmas we went with our good friend Winslow to Sri Lanka to get a tan, and get away from the shopping frenzy.


Lens Choices

Brian in Geek | 0 Comments November 15, 2003

When I was in Africa I got caught with my pants down. Not literally, but I was ill equipped photographically. I have a Nikon D1, which is a great but aging digital camera, but I only owned a single lens: a 24-170 mm zoom. That lens proved to be inadequate out on safaris and in the close quarters of bars. I ended up buying a 500 mm zoom while there so I could get some decent wildlife pictures. It's a good lens, but it is absolutely huge.

For Sri Lanka I'm taking a page from the boy scout handbook: I'm going to buy a wide angle lens and a compact zoom with image stabilization. Or, so I thought. Canon makes the perfect compact zoom lens but not for Nikon lens mounts. The Nikon wide angle lens I've been eying comes-like everything for my camera-at a price (even the flash for this camera was over $400.00). Nikon makes an image stabilized lens similar to the Canon, but it is twice as long and three times the price. In fact, a little digging shows that I could almost buy a new Canon body and lenses to match my existing Nikon gear for the price difference in lenses.


Harmless Havoc | Not those people again

The Yellowstone Extravaganza

Brian in Explore | 0 Comments July 5, 2014

For vacation this year, we rented a 25’ RV and drove to Yellowstone. More...

The Remodel

Brian in Life | 0 Comments May 14, 2013

One bathroom and a partially finished basement.  It was only a matter of time.  This year we decided it was time to do some remodeling on the house.  By "some remodeling" I mean a whole lot of remodeling.


Harmless Havoc Meets Azure

Brian in Geek | 0 Comments December 30, 2012

If you're reading this Harmless Havoc has successfully been transferred to Windows Azure.  I've been running my own blog and email servers since I've had a blog, and I have posts that date back to 1999.  That's a pretty impressive run given that my "servers" are just standard computers and my "internet backbone" is a DSL connection with a single static IP address.  You can do a lot with that.More...

Christmas 2012

Brian in Culture | 0 Comments December 25, 2012

Cole let us sleep in this year:  he got us out of bed at 6:30.  This is a vast improvement over years past.  Once year we were done opening presents before it was daylight.


Halloween 2012

Brian in Culture | 0 Comments October 31, 2012

Some random shots of Halloween this year.